Doug Howe

Doug Howe

Chief Merchandising Officer

Doug Howe became Chief Merchandising Officer of the QVC Group in December 2017. He leads a team responsible for accelerating QVC Group’s product leadership agenda by identifying emerging trends and white spaces for growth, developing compelling category strategies, attracting the best vendors to the company’s worldwide platforms, and providing product services to the businesses, all to further the company’s goal of creating highly curated and exclusive assortments that bring customers the joy of discovering the new and unexpected.

Doug previously served as Executive Vice President of Merchandising for QVC, Inc. Other positions held during Doug’s QVC, Inc. career include Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Planning; and Executive Vice President of Strategic Multichannel Planning and Merchandising.

Doug joined QVC, Inc. in 2001 as Vice President of Merchandising, Fashion and Beauty. Doug played an instrumental role in the continued growth of QVC, Inc.’s fashion business, and further developed and refined many of the company’s proprietary programs. Additionally, Doug identified and introduced a number of select, upscale national brands that helped to strengthen QVC, Inc.’s role as a leading beauty and fashion retailer.

Bringing more than 20 years of merchandising experience to QVC, Inc., Doug previously served as EVP of Product Design and Development for Old Navy. Prior to Old Navy, Doug served as Senior Vice President of Strategy, Design and Development for Walmart. Before his promotion to Senior Vice President, he served as Vice President of Product Development for Apparel and Accessories at Walmart, later broadened to Product Development for Apparel and Home.

Doug earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Creighton University.

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