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How does Martha Stewart relax? The answer is she doesn’t! She fills downtime with horseback rides around her farm, working in her flower garden or trying a new tomato sauce recipe. Now she’s added presenting products on QVC into the mix and our customers are loving it.

“I’m very excited to enter new areas of merchandising with QVC that I haven’t really touched upon before,” Martha said.

Martha’s already launched 95 products on QVC in garden, apparel, skincare and gourmet food, a number of which sold out during their premieres.

“Some categories, apparel for example, may not be top of mind when you think of Martha Stewart,” Doug Howe, Executive Vice President of Merchandising at QVC, said. “But she has a great attention to detail, she’s very passionate and has an eye for functionality and a classic look, making her very credible across multiple categories.”

As someone who has dedicated her career to teaching others how to live more beautiful, functional lives, Martha Stewart knew she didn’t want to just sell her line anywhere. She wanted to be able to teach people how to clean their garages with her electric power washer or show what to pair with her pearl-studded jeans, and QVC gives her that direct connection with our customer on multiple platforms.

“QVC’s model is all about the joy of discovery and the power of storytelling,” Howe said. “And I can’t think of a person who is a better fit than Martha Stewart.”


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