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                                        2017 Global Contribution Total                                            $15M+

                                           Reflects donations by QVC, QVC International, zulily, and their team members

                                           7,000+                                                                  2,272

                                           Team Member                                                             Charities
                                           Volunteer Hours                                                         Supported

                                         $5M+                                                              $729,949

                                         Cause                                                             Disaster
                                         Marketing                                                         Response


                                                                Team Member Giving

                                       $6.4M+                                                                        $1.4M+

                                       Product and Other                                                             Corporate
                                       In−Kind Donations                                                             Giving

              The “2017 Global Contribution Total” includes donations made directly by QVC, QVC Global Markets, zulily and team members of these entities, as well as, those facilitated by QVC and affiliates. The “Cause Marketing” total represents
              charitable funds generated both through QVC’s and affiliates’ sale of donated products and through donations made by QVC, affiliates and vendors based upon QVC’s and affiliates’ sale of certain products.  The “Product and In−Kind
                   Donations” total represents product and other donations made by QVC and affiliates in the amount of $1,589,482 and QVC and affiliates facilitated vendor donations of product and cash in the amount of $4,893,256.
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