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        Women’s Initiatives

        A champion of women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment, QVC is uniquely suited to leverage the power of its relationships
        to break down barriers and create opportunity.

        QVC Italy created QVC Next Lab—an exceptional training program organized in just 4-1/2 days. It’s designed to provide
        participants with the best tools to address their development path, with specific focus on market validation plus a trip to one
        of the most innovative cities in the world, Tel Aviv. QVC Next Lab is the first program promoted by a retailer that supports
        empowerment and training dedicated to female startups. In 2017 QVC Next Lab introduced 12 startup companies ranging from
        retail and technology to social media, with four mentors who represent the success of women in innovation and entrepreneurship.

        QVC US continues to support entrepreneurial initiatives via Conference for Women gatherings, which promote, communicate,
        and amplify the influence of women in the workplace and beyond. At these annual nonpartisan, nonprofit events, thousands
        of active professionals connect and find inspiration in a community that QVC has proudly sponsored for the last five years.

        The Pennsylvania Conference for Women, held in Philadelphia, welcomed more than 11,000 professional women. There, QVC
        hosted an interactive fashion closet, which allowed attendees to experience QVC’s elevated brands.

        Becky O’Loughlin, Vice President of Global Human Resources at QVC, was part of an expert panel to talk about fostering passions,
        seeking purpose in chosen interests and taking the road less traveled. To support women at all professional levels, QVC set up a
        Career Wardrobe handbag and accessory drive, collecting over 600 handbags and accessories.

        QVC expanded its support by sponsoring both the Texas Women’s Conference in Austin, TX and the Watermark Conference
        in San Jose, CA. A QVC Product Search at both events gave participants the chance to present their creations to a panel of retail
        experts. Over 50 women presented to the panel and received instant feedback.
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