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Shopping. Reimagined.

Exactly how do you change the way the world shops? At QVC, we do it every day by offering a curated, ever-changing collection of name brands and unique finds. And by bringing together a dynamic community of engaged personalities, relatable experts, dedicated team members, and passionate shoppers. And by creating a seamless, worry-free experience that’s available on every platform, accessible by every screen, every minute of the day—in nine countries and counting. Discover for yourself why QVC is the world’s leading digital retailer. And so much more.

Stories From Around QVC

Shopping, the World Over

United States

Our journey began in 1986 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with a Windsor shower radio and a vision to change retail shopping. Thirty years and millions of shoppers later, QVC still operates from the same site, now expanded to include our Studio Park facilities, and with the same core values. In addition to the West Chester Campus, comprised of Studio Park and Founder’s Park, QVC US has two domestic call centers in Virginia and Texas and four distribution centers in Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and South Carolina.


  • First Broadcast: November 1986

    Reach: More than 100 million households

    Channels: Main Channel and QVC Plus

United Kingdom

In 1993, QVC UK became our first foray into global expansion. And just four years later, it welcomed its 1 millionth customer. Today, the UK loyalty has not waivered, and our community has only strengthened. In addition to the broadcasting and administrative operations located in Chiswick, London, QVC has an additional operations, distribution and call center facility located in Knowsley (approximately 200 miles from London).


  • First Broadcast: October 1993

    Reach: 27 million households, including reach into Ireland

    Channels: Main Channel, QVC Beauty, QVC Extra, QVC Style and QVC +1


We expanded the QVC community into Germany in 1996. Twenty years later, our Düsseldorf headquarters continues to attract a bigger and bigger customer base. In fact, our distribution center in Hückelhoven ships more than 50,000 products a day. QVC Germany also has call centers in Bochum and Kassel. 


  • First Broadcast: December 1996

    Reach: 41 million households, including reach into Austria

    Channels: Main Channel, QVC Plus and QVC Beauty & Style


You’ll find QVC Japan headquartered in Makuhari, with distribution facilities in Sakura City. In 2013, QVC Japan opened its new headquarters, QVC Square, in Chiba, about 25 miles outside of Tokyo. This iconic seven-story building features green technologies and was designed to foster cross-team collaboration across QVC's digital platforms.


First Broadcast: April 2001

Reach: 26 million households

Channels: Main Channel and Q-plus




In 2010, the city of Brugherio became our Italian home. Approximately nine miles from Milan, QVC Italy’s administrative offices, broadcast studios and call center are located in Brugherio, and the distribution center is located in Castel San Giovanni, also outside of Milan.


First Broadcast: October 2010

Reach: 25 million households

Channels: Main Channel 


It’s the land of exceptional cuisine, fine wine, and haute couture fashion. It’s also the perfect place for our latest QVC expansion. QVC France was recently established in the summer of 2015. The broadcasting and administration facilities are located in Seine-St-Denis, NW France, just outside of Paris.


First Broadcast: August 2015

Reach: 18 million households

Channels: Main Channel

China (JV)

In 2012, we formed a joint venture with Chinese National Radio (CNR) to bring QVC to China. CNR Mall offers television programming and an e-commerce site to millions of households across the world’s largest country. The joint venture’s  broadcast operations, call center and distribution center are located in Beijing with two additional distribution centers located in Nanjing and Changchun.


  • First Broadcast as the Joint Venture: July 2012

    Reach: 117 million households

  • Channels: Main Channel 

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QVC Happenings

QVC Hosts Interactive Talk Show on Facebook With Live Video


A recent event featuring pea-soup-colored bridesmaids’ dresses, awkward wedding toasts and plenty of laughter also marked a social media first for QVC.


On Tuesday, July 12, from 9-10 p.m., celebrity makeup artist and QVC vendor Mally Roncal joined QVC host Courtney Cason and thousands of beauty fans on QVC’s Facebook page for Qpoptm Live, an interactive talk show featuring live video from QVC’s West Chester, Pa., studios. 


As Mally and Courtney discussed wedding mishaps and beauty tips live on video, fans guided the discussion by sharing their stories and questions via a steady stream of posts.  As fans commented, they watched and heard Mally and Courtney reacting in real time – and some fans then commented on what Mally or Courtney said.  Check it out on QVC’s Facebook page.


The Qpop Live experience was made possible by combining Facebook Live (a video sharing tool) with QVC’s deep expertise in using live video to engage shoppers around their passions.  


“We wanted to engage as broad a viewership as possible and have them co-create the show with us,” Naomi Jacobs, QVC Social Media Manager.  “We’re among the first to do this in the retail space.”


In the US alone, QVC has 31 different Facebook channels, between its two flagship pages – QVC and QVC Style – and its 29 host pages.  Already, QVC has gone live on Facebook well over 150 times using the Facebook app.  Qpop Live took this to a new level, using QVC’s extensive live production facilities and a team of about 20 to offer a fully produced, interactive talk show.


During Qpop Live, Courtney periodically reminded fans that they could buy Mally products on  The goal of the event was to connect beauty fans with relevant content leveraging the power of Facebook.  So far, thousands of beauty fans have viewed Qpop Live, and it continues to garner additional views, shares, likes and comments on QVC’s Facebook page.  Qpop Live is an extension of QVC’s Qpop series on the QVC YouTube channel, featuring new videos with Courtney every Wednesday on the latest fashion trends, beauty tips and behind the scenes fun.


In addition to exploring future Qpop Live events on Facebook, Naomi said QVC will continue to “jump on” new social media platforms and tools as they emerge.  “We’re a world leader in producing live video content,” she said. “We’re the only retailer than can move so quickly on social opportunities like Facebook Live.  We’re innovating across all of the top social platforms.”


Featured in image: Mally Roncal (left) and Courtney Cason.