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Carmindy Dishes Beauty Secrets as She Launches Collection with QVC

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With over 25 years in the beauty industry (including 10 years as the in-house makeup artist on TLC’s hit show What Not to Wear), Camindy has worked with thousands of complexions and skin types. Now she’s bringing all she’s learned to QVC with the launch of her new line Carmindy Beauty, exclusive to QVC. As she’s getting ready to release her collection that takes the guesswork out of makeup application, Carmindy shared with us the top five beauty secrets she’s learned over the years.

  1. The Perfect Primer

Carmindy: Always use a luminous, hydrating primer as the very first step when applying makeup in the morning. This secret weapon gives the illusion of caring for your skin religiously by adding glow and smoothness. My All In Good Primer has the perfect silky texture that never feels slimy, and gives a subtle, radiant glow.

Carmindy’s expert primer tips:

  • Apply it not only to the face, but also to the décolleté and shoulders to give the body a super natural, luminous look.
  • If you’re traveling and forget your hair smoothing serum, use a dab of primer to tame hair flyaways.
  • Mix a dab of primer with a dab of foundation and apply it to the face for a super-sheer, tinted moisturizer look.

  1. Buildable Foundation

C: Covering skin imperfections with a single coverage foundation can look heavy and accentuate lines. Using buildable foundation, like my Camindizing Foundation, allows you to achieve a natural look by applying the product lighter in areas that don’t need as much coverage, and building in areas that may need more.

Carmindy’s expert foundation tips:

  • This formula mimics natural skin texture so it can easily be used as body makeup.
  • Carmindizing Foundation is unisex. It can be worn by men for a non-detectable way to cover imperfections.
  • If you tend to get darker in the summer months, buy a winter shade and a summer shade and mix them together as you transition through the seasons.

  1. A Fluffy Blush Brush

C: Traditional, small blush brushes pick up too much pigment and deliver it in a concentrated area, causing the need for more blending which can then look heavy. Using a big, fluffy powder brush to apply blush, creates a more natural looking flush. The larger brush hugs the apples of the cheeks, delivering the right amount of product in one easy sweep. Lightly dip your brush into my At First Blush in Lovestruck Rose and start at the apples, then sweep back to the hairline.

Carmindy’s expert blush brush tip:

  • Use this big brush to apply highlighter on the body.

  1. Carmindize with Highlighter

C: My highlighter and application is what I’m known for! Highlighting the face with a pearlescent (not glittery) highlighter in three key places is the best way to bring the complexion alive at any age. Apply it to the tops of the cheekbones with a fan brush to make the planes of the face stand out, along the brow bone to lift the eyes and accentuate the shape, and in the inner corners of the eyes for brightness.

Carmindy’s expert highlighter tips:

  • Trace highlighter around the perimeter of the lips to make the natural lip shape really stand out.
  • Dust highlighter along the front of arms and legs to help brighten your whole body.

  1. Whisper Light Powder

C:Most face powders contain too much pigment that layers onto the skin, looking dull and dusty. This is public enemy number one when it comes to looking older! Powder should be whisper light and act like blotting papers in powder form. My Sheer Whisper Powder sets makeup and erases shine without leaving a trace of anything behind. Dab the puff into the powder and then dab the face in a gentle motion to keep makeup in place all day, eliminating the need for a drying setting spray.

Carmindy’s expert powder tips:

  • For a super dewy look only apply powder in the T-zone and let the rest of the face shine.
  • If you are in a greasy hair jam and don’t have dry shampoo, use the puff to dab powder into the hair for a quick root lift.




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