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Famed British Photographer Helps QVC Reach Young German Fashionistas

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QVC has tapped Britain’s leading fashion photographer, Rankin, for a digital campaign to engage young, fashion-conscious German shoppers.

Known worldwide for his signature portraits of royalty, stars and celebrities, Rankin and his company, The Full Service, London, helped QVC develop “We just clicked,” a creative concept showcasing select fashion and beauty products in surprising ways.

“Today’s QVC is contemporary and bold,” Rankin said. “I’ve got a good eye for aesthetics and, together, we have created emotional visuals that reflect this zeitgeist and make a clear statement about QVC.  ‘We just clicked’ is designed to connect with the savvy young dresser, the beauty fan and all of today’s online consumers.”

The campaign complements our rapidly expanding online business, said Mathias Bork, CEO, QVC Germany. This spring, QVC won first place in the German Online Retail Awards in the online shop category – ahead of Amazon, Otto and eBay.

“Customers who buy QVC products online are generally younger,” Mathias said. “They’re the ones this campaign is targeting.”

Gina Deeble, Vice President Merchandising at QVC Germany, said the campaign expresses the way consumers are inspired by fashion and beauty and reflects the digital shopping experience that younger consumers want.

“One of the things that makes QVC special is that we understand our customers’ individual needs and preferences,” Gina said. “Our new campaign communicates that. The creative concept that Rankin and his team came up with is exactly what we were looking for, and it is perfectly translated into photographic images and videos.”


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