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Philadelphia Entrepreneurs ‘Rise and Grind’ With Fashion Mogul Daymond John

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Start-up Incubator QVC® Joins Philadelphia Arts and Business Council Forum

He may be best known as a Shark on the hit ABC show “Shark Tank,” but at a recent business forum in Philadelphia, Daymond John wasn’t on the hunt for the next business deal. He was sharing tips with local entrepreneurs from his new book, “Rise and Grind,” which reveals the routines, habits and strategies of some of the world’s most successful innovators.

As a long-time launching pad for entrepreneurs, QVC served as title sponsor for the event, which was hosted by the Arts + Business Council, a council of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. Daymond, CEO and founder of global lifestyle brand FUBU, joined Colleen Rooney, QVC’s Vice President of Corporate Communications & Community, on stage for a wide-ranging interview on how diverse entrepreneurs achieve game-changing success, paying specific attention to the unique skills that women bring to business.

Colleen highlighted QVC’s commitment to promoting women’s entrepreneurship, empowerment and wellness.  “Within the QVC Group, we understand that ideas can come from anywhere and anyone,” she said. “We have powerful platforms to foster the growth of entrepreneurs and innovators in retail, and we’re proud to shine an important light on the strong women — and men — who ‘rise and grind’ every day, creating new products and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.”

Colleen noted that actress, entrepreneur and QVC vendor Catherine Zeta-Jones is Daymond’s first interview in “Rise and Grind.” Catherine consulted with Daymond on her new home decor company, and then launched her new line, Casa Zeta-Jones, on QVC.  At the event, Daymond shared that Catherine has the kind of passion he looks for when he decides whether to invest in a new venture.

“When I’m looking at a new business, I’m really looking at the person,” Daymond said. “I couldn’t care less about product. If it’s cool, I might buy one or two, but why would I invest in it?  I’m looking at you, personally.  That’s it.”

Daymond applauded the persistence and grit shown by Catherine and by TV executive and reality show producer Nely Galán, who is also interviewed in “Rise and Grind.”  They show that successful people never let anyone stop them from learning.

“When you walk into the room, be the person who asks the most questions,” he said. “You’ll walk out the smartest person in the room.”

Daymond also tipped his hat to his colleague on ABC’s Shark Tank Lori Greiner, a leading entrepreneur and investor with a long association with QVC.

“QVC is a very good platform to have as a distribution pipeline,” Daymond said. “It shows you can get your product out to everyday people and be successful.”

The Arts + Business Council event also included a panel discussion, where young Philadelphia entrepreneurs shared how they brought their businesses from idea to reality.


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