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QVC Chef Claims Victory on Food Network’s “Chopped”

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September 10, 2019: Most people may be thrown off by having to use a can of spray cheese as an ingredient in their gourmet entrée dish, but Chef Kristol Bryant of Philadelphia knew exactly what to do. In fact, that’s how all three of her rounds went on Food Network’s race-against-the-clock cooking show, “Chopped”, in a recent episode where Bryant was a contestant.

On the show four chefs go head-to-head preparing three courses (using surprise ingredients) before the clock runs out. Their dishes are critiqued by a panel of professional chefs and one by one, a chef is ‘chopped’ until a champion remains. Bryant was named that champion in the show’s recent episode, “Hot Dog Hot Shots”, impressing the judges with her creative dishes which included required ingredients like coriander chutney, daikon radish and hot dog pie.

“My kids were so proud of me when they found out I won. They had made me socks for the show that they signed with good luck messages,” said Bryant.

Bryant, a culinary food stylist for QVC, crafts dishes for the multi-platform retailer’s cooking shows, culinary photo shoots and social content. She began working for the company in 2017.

“When you work at QVC, you’re not a regular food stylist. Even though they typically have time crunches, it’s not the same pressure as needing your plate to be ready to go on live TV in 30 seconds no matter what,” said Bryant. “Being used to the clock really helped prepare me for the show.”

A homegrown Philadelphian, Bryant also runs her own private dining service for which she is a chef. Among her accolades Kristol has been recognized as one of Thrillist Philadelphia’s Best Restaurant Chefs of 2016, was featured in Suburban Life Magazine and has received the Culinary Excellence Award from Aramark.

“I’m so humbled to be where I am and the inspiration I can be for women in the culinary world. I’m also pushing hard to educate inner-city youth about the restaurant and cook industry,” said Bryant. “That’s what helped get me where I am.”


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